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LOL - 18/12/2011

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jumbee: lol noobs
jumbee: 4 vs 5
jumbee: and you accting like pros
Black Cyllibus: u trolling all the time, pls
PeinTroll: whyreport me
legaldude: ww has 1 kill
legaldude: was feeding
PeinTroll: no intentional feeding, i even got a kill
legaldude: please call it 4 v 4
legaldude: i reported you m8, just as the rest did
PeinTroll: where da team spirit now
legaldude: you're anoying and childish and i hope they make a seperate League for assholes
legaldude: no need for it now
legaldude: the 4 of us had enbough spirit to win without you
PeinTroll: lol
PeinTroll: 2 faced jerk :P
legaldude: its true
legaldude: i'll do allot to be nice and motivate the team
legaldude: but after what you did
legaldude: i have no respect for you
PeinTroll: and after game ur like FUCK U ALL ASSHOLES; GO EAT SHIT
legaldude: and i waited till after the game to tell you
legaldude: not all
PeinTroll: ya rite
legaldude: just you m8
legaldude: the rest worked hard to win
PeinTroll: keep telling that to urself ;)
legaldude: respect needs to be earned, i stand by that
PeinTroll: and also
legaldude: and you failed the test ;)
PeinTroll: you said u dont care
legaldude: i dont
PeinTroll: so why report?
legaldude: cause at that point you were really close to dying allot
PeinTroll: why u still even talk to me
PeinTroll: cus u care hahaha
legaldude: so for me it was better to play alone, more money more xp, and noone to take into account
PeinTroll: still care'
legaldude: i always care a little, but really at that point u were so frustrated i thought it was better without you, honestly
PeinTroll: still care i see :P
PeinTroll: so you lie to the team
PeinTroll: you swaid u dont care
legaldude: it was a bluff, sue me :o
PeinTroll: and u talk to me- means u care
PeinTroll: so 2 faced
PeinTroll: lol
legaldude: yes cause i'd like people to see that being nice in some cases helps
PeinTroll: talking about team spirit and then lieing
legaldude: and motivates others
legaldude: there's the ancient story of the cause and the ...
legaldude: hmm i forgot
PeinTroll: cause and the 2 facedness
legaldude: are you that mad at me, for winning
PeinTroll: im not mad
PeinTroll: im 4 and i dont understand :P
legaldude: cause your sabotage kinda failed
PeinTroll: teach me
legaldude: and you got scared at the end
PeinTroll: lol
PeinTroll: nope
PeinTroll: im 4
PeinTroll: my moods change like the direction of the wind
legaldude: you know with doing that you proved my point right
legaldude: go play janna then
PeinTroll: nah, shes not my type
legaldude: anyway, try and be constructive in the future
PeinTroll: you should play shaco though, hes 2 faced too ya know
legaldude: its also your time you're wasting
legaldude: i play a mean shaco
PeinTroll: i bet you do
legaldude: everyone has 2 faces m8, just like you
PeinTroll: nope
PeinTroll: im 4, im doing as i say
legaldude: so in real life you're an childish little prick too ?
PeinTroll: did i lie at any point?
legaldude: yes
legaldude: you say you have no 2 faces
PeinTroll: prove me wrong
legaldude: i doubt you'd be talking like this in real life m8
legaldude: give me you FB account
PeinTroll: prove me wrong
PeinTroll: umm no thanks,
PeinTroll: lol
legaldude: why
PeinTroll: creeper much?
PeinTroll: i dont like stalkers
legaldude: see, i honestly dont act all that different in real life
PeinTroll: my mom told me not to share my personal info with other ppl
legaldude: and you shouldnt
legaldude: atleast now i know you have FB :)
PeinTroll: you still havent proved me wrong though
PeinTroll: maybe i do
PeinTroll: maybe i dont
PeinTroll: but still
PeinTroll: you havent proved me wrong
legaldude: you did lose allot of ranked matches
PeinTroll: ranked matches?
legaldude: you should try being constructive
PeinTroll: lol
legaldude: 4 wins 8 losses
PeinTroll: my scorre there is 0-0
PeinTroll: lol how can my score be 4-8 if its 0-0 :D
PeinTroll: and still
PeinTroll: you havent proved me wrong
legaldude: i have nothing to prove m8
PeinTroll: yup, cus you cant
PeinTroll: and that makes your argument of me being 2 faced invalid
legaldude: as is yours m8
PeinTroll: nope
PeinTroll: you said you dont care
PeinTroll: but you talk to me which proves the opposite
legaldude: white lies m8, white lies
PeinTroll: why white?
PeinTroll: now youre racist too?
PeinTroll: god job
PeinTroll: good*
legaldude: live what? concert? XD and im done with school, some people here have jobs unlike you sitting behind table and just sleeping and you telling me to live while you sit behind the PC and replying to ever
legaldude: that you m8 ?
PeinTroll: im 4, i cant go to school yet, remember?
legaldude: you might really be 4 in a mental way
PeinTroll: also wtf
PeinTroll: what live?
PeinTroll: i called u racist and you talk to me about concerts? and you call me mentally 4 yar old? wow
PeinTroll: year*
legaldude: white lie
PeinTroll: and now back to the lie thing lol?
legaldude: nothing racist about it, just ignorance on your part
PeinTroll: and im supposed to be the 4 year old here? :D good work dude, i bet you are 2 or 3
PeinTroll: cya around 2-3 year old 2 faced guy :D
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Fri Dec 30 2011, 04:10AM
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Krijomem: you are really morron

mo·ron (môrn, mr-)
1. A stupid person; a dolt.
2. Psychology A person of mild mental retardation having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.
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